Since 1936 the AIROYAL COMPANY has been designing and assembling high quality hydraulic, pneumatic and motion control systems for industry.The manufacturers we represent produce quality components that are used by our A.B.M. department to produce assemblies and kits for our customers' immediate use.

AIROYAL A.B.M.ís are being used in numerous applications:

A.B.M. packages range in complexity from the automation of simple functions to sophisticated support systems using robotic engineering with computer interfacing. A.B.M.ís can be simple or complex.

††††††††††† All AIROYAL A.B.M.ís are designed to provide maximum efficiency and dependability. Should you decide to assemble your components, our kits may be exactly what you are looking for. Inside an AIROYAL kit you will find all of the components necessary to complete your job! A.B.M. assemblies and kits are proprietary to our customers. We assign a unique number to each, that is common only to you. Should you need additional A.B.M.ís or kits simply use your AIROYAL part number to reorder.


Our engineering staff is experienced in component selection and system design (to our client's specification). We will provide technical support and work closely with you to design an A.B.M. that meets the demands of your application.

AIROYAL offers computer aided design (CAD) support, product sizing software from key manufacturers, and customized system design (to our client's specification). We will provide you with circuit schematics, assembly drawings, and start-up assistance.


††††††††††† The AIROYAL COMPANY has shown numerous customers how to reduce costs and increase profits by utilizing A.B.M. assemblies and kits. Remember, material represents only one cost factor, you must consider the following:

INVENTORY COSTS- Carrying inventory costs money! We can deliver completed assemblies or kits to the production floor as they are needed. AIROYAL maintains stock in two locations for quick delivery! We also arrange dedicated inventory to support your needs.

PURCHASING COSTS- It costs money to issue and process a purchase order. A.B.M.'s are ordered under a single purchase order using your unique part number.

CASH FLOW- Buying A.B.M. assemblies or kits improves cash flow! When you order numerous items, from numerous suppliers , they seldom arrive at the same time. However, invoices are issued within hours after a shipment is made. The clock starts ticking - oftentimes you are paying for components that cannot be used until an overdue item arrives.

INVOICE PROCESSING COSTS- Think about it! An invoice has to be reconciled with the purchase order, approved for payment, scheduled for payment, and a check must be issued and signed. Finally, your monthly bank statement must be reconciled. A.B.M.. assemblies and kits reduce the number of invoices you must process.

FREIGHT COSTS- Multiple shipments means multiple freight and handling charges.

SYSTEMS RESPONSIBILITY- No more dealing with multiple vendors to identify problems. Our A.B.M.'s are assembled and tested to meet your specifications!

Just ask an AIROYAL customer how we measure up in performance, reliability, and service. Chances are you'll hear about one of many instances where our engineering department or sales personnel have helped save the day by providing fast, reliable service at fair prices. AIROYAL, offering simple solutions to your complex problems.